The Green House® Difference

Green House® Residences can now be found in 27 states, and research clearly documents the benefits they provide. The value of a Green House® Residence begins and ends with increased satisfaction in the senior, the family and the staff. Studies show that Green House® communities:

  • Offer residents a better quality of life, better emotional health, lower bed rest requirements and more engaging activities than traditional nursing homes.
  • Have significantly lower staff turnover.
  • Devote four times more daily interaction time between residents and staff members.
  • Have a much higher satisfaction rate than traditional nursing homes.
  • Experience fewer resident falls, fewer hospitalizations and have a reduced use of psychotropic drugs.

About Us


Discover the Green House® Difference

The Homeplace at Midway is proud to call itself Kentucky’s first Green House® Residence. The Green House® model for senior living is designed to make a residence look and feel just like home, complete with all the comforts home provides. Created to foster the security, companionship and freedom one has when living in a real home, Green House® Residences provide a standard of care above and beyond traditional nursing homes. The quality of care received at a Green House® Residence is both proven and practical, with over a decade of evidence supporting the difference a Green House® Residence can offer.

As a Green House® Residence, the design of The Homeplace at Midway captures the essence of a real home, concentrating on architecture, layouts and décor that burgeon with familiarity and comfort. The Homeplace consists of four, cozy cottages centered around lush, green gardens and beautiful landscaping and pathways. Each cottage hosts 10-12 residents, allowing for flexibility while maintaining the warmth of small gatherings. Every resident enjoys the privacy of his or her own bedroom and private bath, but other areas of the cottage are shared — just like a real home. The living room and hearth, dining room and kitchen create the heart at the center of each cottage where residents and staff can gather for freshly prepared, family-style meals or enjoy each other’s company at their leisure.

The close-knit, intimate settings designed within cottage-style living allow for personalized care, meaningful interactions between residents and staff and a dignified lifestyle for the entire community.